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Rapper DMX Found Lifeless! Rumored Overdose! (video)

Photo and video credit: Instagram and Youtube According to DMX was found not breathing no pulse at all outside a Yonkers Hotel in New York yesterday evening.  Sources say it...
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Educate Yourself Black History Month Feature: The History Of Jim Crow Laws (video)

Photo and video credit:, youtube   
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Ciara is Suing Future for $15 Million Dollars! Open Up that Wallet Baby Daddy! Lol (video)

Photo and video credit Instagram, twitter and youtube What future might want to do is stop talking crazy about his son's mother! Because Ciara is letting him know, she ain't playin' with...
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Educate Yourself: Black History Month Feature: Black Wall Street - Tulsa's Dirty Little Secret!

Photo and video credit: WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM CBS.COM Black History Month Feature: Black Wall Street - Tulsa's Dirty Little Secret!
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The Queen B is Back and Her New Song FORMATION is FIRE!! Check out her (video)

Photo and video credit: Youtube
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Bailey's VIP Club Word of The Day!

Just in Case You Missed It Today at 10:55am!   TODAY'S WORD:  ROSE      
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DID YOU SEE THIS? New Documentary coming to Netflix Claim's Diddy Had Tupac Killed For $1M - Suge Retaliated And Had Biggie Killed (video)

Phot and video credit: A former Los Angeles cop is certain he’s figured out who killed 2 Pac c Shakur. Allegedly the artist formerly know as Puff Daddy...
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Need a Good Laugh Today? Check Out Kevin Hart and His Son in this Footlocker Commercial (video)

Photo and video credit Footlocker,   
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DID YOU SEE THIS? Woman Posts on Facebook Live Right After She and Her Mother Were Shot at BurgerKing! (video)

Photo and video credit CBS4  
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DID YOU SEE THIS? So Sad 5 Year Old Witnesses Parent's Murder and Calls 911 (video)

Photo and video credit: WTVC Channel9 Wow what are we doing to each other when the best we have for a 5 year old baby is shooting both of his parents in front of him? Leaving a child to call...
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